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About Me

More than ever, I am exponentially more grateful for Abstract Art, and what it means for me. My desire grows to just be a part of something that doesn’t offend, doesn’t hurt, doesn’t divide, doesn’t discriminate, despite what the media/social media encourages.

Abstract Art does not discriminate

Abstract Art sparks a lively dialogue amongst its viewers

Abstract Art evokes emotion

Abstract Art makes personal connections

Abstract Art shows vulnerability

That is why Abstract Art is my friend and why I create Mixed-Media Abstract Art.

I have been given this opportunity to touch people’s emotions, offering something special to them and for them, I am grateful for it.

Creating is my own special time where I experience all the emotions. This experience supersedes the need or desire to sell the work. 

I am indebted to those who opened my eyes, mind, and soul to the true meaning of art appreciation, my life has forever been changed because of it.