The very moment…

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The Very Moment…

My home, Las Vegas. 2007-

She stood silently, squared off with one particular painting and looking so intently. Concerned, I felt I should remind her to blink, to avoid drying out her eyes. The painting “Global Warming”…at least that WAS the title I’d given it, but that changed, as did my true appreciation for art.

In the past, hearing such things…”I love how that piece moves me”…”the work is so powerful”…Huh?! I just assumed these things were said by people that heard some other people say it and thought, “well that sounds smart, let’s say that.” How can a canvas covered in paint move anything? UNLESS, you pile your book collection on top of it and carry it to another room, which could also make sense of the other ridiculous statement, “this painting is so powerful, it held my entire book collection!” I am only speaking theoretically of course, my entire book collection consists of three books, all paperback and dust covered.

I now stood silenced next to her, wondering if I should be concerned…and then came my answer, in the form of a tear rolling down her cheek. I thought, “I KNEW I should’ve reminded her to blink!” But it wasn’t her tear ducts just trying to lubricate, she was “moved.” She then shared with me her interpretation of the painting that reminded me of nothing more than a couple of abstract tectonic plates colliding. “This is where I see myself, on this cliff, surrounded by pain, fear and turmoil” she explained, as she pointed to a portion of one of the “plates.” A couple tears trickle as she then points to the other “plate”….. “this is a body of calming, healing and loving water. I just need to trust, trust that if I just jump, I’ll be better for it. I feel like I’m clinging to the cliff, where all this negativity is, instead of just letting go! This makes me feel like I can let go!”

That was the very moment, I understood everything she shared with me. That was the very moment I felt real gratitude, for art in my life. That was the very moment I felt humbled, to have such a profound emotional connection with another human through something I had created. In that very moment, I felt like I had superhuman powers. THAT WAS THE VERY MOMENT, I STARTED TO TRULY APPRECIATE ART.

She bought that piece and I renamed it, Warmth.


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  1. Congratulations on your website. You sure have come along way. I love the painting and the story behind it. Very happy for you.

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